Uncompromising Micro Hole Drilling Precision

As the precision experts in micro hole drilling, Stark Industrial leads the industry with constant innovations with regard to electrical discharge machining (EDM). With a five-tier approach to micro hole drilling innovation, Stark Industrial has pushed EDM technology to its broadest applications:

Project Complexity: Traditional drilling or machining techniques have extreme limitations in micro hole drilling. Complex angles, hard materials, deep depths, unusual configurations, and other project complexities often are best addressed using EDM small hole drilling. Stark Industrial has stretched this technology even further with innovations in overcoming surface angle limitations, removal of debris, and broad variations in non-circular micro hole shapes.

Material Application Flexibility: Our most frequent inquiry is the type of material eligible for EDM hole drilling. Any electrically conductive material can be used. We typically handle steel alloys, stainless alloys, tool steel alloys, aluminum alloys, and elemental metals. Stark Industrial has experience to handle them all. We also have the technology for micro hole drilling in certain non-conductive materials.

Production Efficiencies: Stark Industrial's electrical discharge machining equipment allows us to drill multiple hole sizes in one automated cycle. This reduces setup time and adds efficiency and accuracy in creating micro holes.

Project Size Flexibility: From one to one million, our micro hole drilling equipment is as effective on small runs as it is on large orders. And whether it's one hole or thousands on each part, Stark Industrial will deliver, with precision. We are even able to handle large workpieces in some cases. Contact us for large part inquiries.

People/R&D: Our greatest asset is our people and each machinist and engineer has been certified in Micro Hole EDM and Small Hole EDM. They have an average tenure of 19 years with Stark Industrial and our leading technicians are involved with the engineering, setup and production of each micro hole drilling project. Additionally, we remain on the cutting edge of materials development by partnering with universities and technical schools across the country to test exotic metals that are not yet used in the mainstream.

When traditional methods for micro hole drilling leave you frustrated, contact Stark Industrial and we'll be happy to research your project needs without cost or obligation. For more information, call 1-800-362-9732 or contact us online.