Use EDM Small Hole Drilling for Your Complex Project Needs

Traditional drilling and machining often reach their limitations when a project moves from simple to complex. The slightest angle, a deep hole, or a variation in shape make it seem difficult to complete a small hole drilling project accurately, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Stark Industrial is a leader in innovating EDM small hole drilling technologies, also known as spark machining. There is no angle too severe, hole shape too challenging, or hole pattern too complex for our experts. Each project furthers advancement in our EDM small hole drilling capability.

Because EDM small hole drilling involves no contact with the part and no force during the drilling process, the usual challenges of drill lead off and drill breakage are non-existent.

Stark Industrial's use of the EDM technology also provides ease in drilling a large number and a complex pattern of small holes with precision far outpacing other methods. In many cases we can hit tolerances smaller than .001".

The lack of force with EDM small hole drilling means your parts do not experience force stress. This reduces risks of workpiece integrity normally created by force during conventional methods of drilling.

Along with complex patterns and large numbers of holes, another advantage of Stark Industrial's EDM capability is its ability to drill deep holes (e.g., 8") with only hundredths of inch diameters (e.g., .015").

Behind the technology of spark machining is the positive result of minimal debris. As the EDM drills the small holes, the minimal debris is removed thereby creating a "clean" drill. Grinding, machining and traditional drilling create residue that remains on the workpiece and the workplace. Removing debris in the EDM process ensures a clean part and a clean work environment. And if your company has a sustainability effort, consider specifying EDM small hole drilling as a green technology option.

When you face small hole drilling complexities, contact Stark Industrial and we'll be happy to research your project needs without cost or obligation. What customers usually see as extremely difficult, we see as an opportunity to display the efficiency and effectiveness of our EDM technology.

When traditional methods for micro hole drilling leave you frustrated, contact Stark Industrial and we'll be happy to research your project needs without cost or obligation. For more information, call 1-800-362-9732 or contact us online.