Consult With the Micro Hole EDM Project Experts

The words seem trite, but at Stark Industrial, our micro hole EDM project success relies entirely on the expertise of our certified machinists and engineers. With an average of 10 years utilizing and innovating small hole EDM technology, our experts are regularly engineering advanced applications for drilling micro holes.

Each of our machinists and engineers participate in the research being conducted on our small hole EDM technology. In this way, customers are always receiving the benefits of the latest micro hole EDM technology as applicable to their micro hole projects.

The complexities of each micro hole EDM project vary. As part of our process, our engineers document the production setup, materials application, and the settings of the small hole EDM equipment. This provides an ever-growing knowledge base that allows for advances in our small hole EDM techniques.

Finally, and perhaps most important in the advancement of our micro hole EDM capabilities, is the analysis of the material reaction to the electrical discharge machine settings. Whether the material has been used thousands of times before, or has been small hole drilled for the very first time, understanding the material property reactions is critical to achieving customer objectives.

At Stark Industrial, we can't overstate that our greatest asset is our people. They drive our innovation. They drive our success. And most importantly, they drive our high customer satisfaction rating.

When traditional methods for micro hole drilling leave you frustrated, contact Stark Industrial and we'll be happy to research your project needs without cost or obligation. For more information, call 1-800-362-9732 or contact us online.