Cost Effective From One to One Million With Stark Industrial's EDM Hole Popper

Whether you are a researcher with a need for a single micro hole or a large corporation with millions of workpieces each requiring thousands of holes, Stark Industrial's EDM hole popper technology is a cost effective option.

Leading the industry for more than 50 years, we continue to innovate our EDM hole popper processes and manufacturing capabilities. Universities around the country have partnered with us for the most cost effective and successful R&D in micro hole drilling.

With customized EDM hole popper equipment and certified machinists and engineers, Stark Industrial tackles small and large orders on a daily basis. There are no small hole drilling projects too complex and no workpieces too complicated for our experts. If it's eligible for EDM, Stark Industrial can engineer any project size for EDM hole popping.

To date, we have popped holes on our EDM equipment from .008" to .250" in diameter and up to 12" deep. The projects varied from prototypes to large production quantities.

Our turnaround is tops in the industry regardless of project size. And Stark Industrial will work with organizations who require just-in-time inventory that involves regular small hole production runs.

When traditional methods for micro hole drilling leave you frustrated, contact Stark Industrial and we'll be happy to research your project needs without cost or obligation. For more information, call 1-800-362-9732 or contact us online.